Our Team

Marine Solutions offers a broad base of highly skilled contractors to deliver innovative, rigorous and affordable outcomes in each challenge it accepts. Staff biographies can be found on this page.

Sam Ibbott

Sam has been consulting in marine ecology and environmental assessments since 1996, and has been the director and owner of Marine Solutions since its inception in 2003.  He is an experienced project manager and the lead consultant for Marine Solutions. Sam has worked on many consultancy projects throughout Australia and overseas and is familiar with a vast array of ambient monitoring methodologies.  His strong track record of managing multidisciplinary projects to achieve their goals on time and within forecast budgets has resulted in numerous successful partnerships.  Working as a sub-consultant for larger organizations and as director of Marine Solutions, Sam has gained significant experience and expertise in coastal assessments, dredging projects, resources industry requirements and infrastructure development. He has specialist expertise in field assessments, especially water quality, sediments, biological and habitat mapping assessments.  Through his years of work experience in Tasmanian waters Sam has acquired an expert level of local marine flora and fauna identification.  He is also experienced in tropical marine fauna identification and has undertaken a comprehensive corals identification training course.

Ian Cooksey

Ian Cooksey is Marine Solutions’ field and operations manager and has coordinated and implemented numerous marine and estuarine field surveys across Australia and South East Asia.  Ian is proficient at implementing a wide range of remote sampling methodologies.  Ian has particular experience relating to water quality and sediment assessment, having conducted environmental assessments for effluent outfalls and aquaculture developments across Tasmania.  Ian manages Marine Solutions scientific and field equipment as well as the competency and currency register.  In his career as a diver, dive master, instructor and commercial diver/supervisor he has spent considerable time working as an interpretive guide on coral reefs, and developed tropical species identification guides.  Ian’s remote first aid and O2 resuscitation training combined with his fantastic knowledge of servicing and repairing diving equipment make him a valuable team member in any remote location.

Laura Smith

Laura has over 9 years’ experience in marine research, and 5 years’ experience in environmental consultancy with Marine Solutions. Laura undertakes a project management role at Marine Solutions. She manages all aspects of some contracts, from budget through personnel and field work, to data management and analysis/reporting.  Laura is a confident and capable ADAS-qualified Part 1 Scientific Diver and Coxswain (unrestricted) and deckhand.  She has a strong working knowledge of marine species identification including fish and benthic fauna, having worked as a trainer in reef fishes field identification, completed a multi-day corals field identification course and volunteered in ongoing fish surveys for Reef Life Survey in northern Australia.  Laura prides a methodical approach resulting in great data integrity and high level Quality Assurance and Quality Control.  Her field experience in conducting many varied techniques, and then in collating diverse types of data, ensures database management which allows efficient interpretation of datasets.


Carly Giosio

Carly has completed a Masters in Marine and Antarctic Science.  She currently holds a PADI Rescue Diver Certificate and a Coxswain (restricted) ticket and is a certified ADAS Scientific Diver. In 2015, Carly undertook 3 volunteer trips in northern Australia, partaking in ongoing fish surveys with Reef Life Survey, servicing weather stations with AIMS on the Great Barrier Reef, and assisting a PhD student at the Lizard Island research station. This added to Carly’s experience in the identification of coral genera, tropical life forms, benthic organisms and substrate types. Carly is experienced in water quality monitoring, sediment assessments and bathymetric seabed mapping around Tasmania.

Coco Cullen-Knox

Coco completed her Honours research in marine governance and has over 3 years’ of experience in environmental science and consulting. This experience has been in a range of different environments and has included assisting in the development of a marine research project in the South-Pacific. As project officer with Marine Solutions, Coco adds valuable experience in environmental quality monitoring, data collection and analysis, approvals and compliance, social and community research and engagement, scientific, technical and policy research and underwater surveys.

Annie Ford

Annie holds an Honours and a Masters degree in Marine and Antarctic Science and has over 8 years’ experience in marine research. Having joined the team in 2016 she is currently gaining her Coxswain (unrestricted) and is a qualified open water diver. Annie has worked on coastal and marine research projects nationally and internationally, and has particular experience in modelling species distributions, conventional sampling techniques, integrated management, and operation of vessels. In 2015, Annie sailed a yacht half way around the world including the remote tropics and high latitudes, increasing her knowledge of broad scale marine systems, technical operations and international maritime systems.

Sarah Castine

Dr. Sarah Castine has been working with Marine Solutions for over a year, and has experience in national and international consultancies in environmental impact assessment and human health in relation to aquaculture production. She held a two year post-doctoral position at WorldFish (CGIAR) and completed an industry-based Ph.D. in aquaculture wastewater treatment from James Cook University in 2012. Underpinning both her Ph.D. and post-doctoral work was the need to enhance food production while reducing the strain on natural resources and improving human health. Her work has demonstrated the great potential and many avenues for operating sustainably on land and marine environments, and she is an advocate for environmental conservation and the growth of sustainable and healthy food production systems.



Madison Price

Madison joined the team in 2015 providing administrative and research assistance at Marine Solutions.  As a diligent worker with high attention to detail and a creative flare, she assists with report compilation, data management and with the mobilisation and demobilisation of field trips to ensure that field work is conducted at maximum efficiency.