Selected Projects

Marine Solutions has completed projects for a range of clients throughout Australia, covering sectors including private enterprise, local and state government, community groups and individuals. A selection of our past work can be found on this page.

Plume dynamics investigations using dye tracers (TasWater)

Using rhodamine fluorescent dye powder, we have traced and measured effluent movement and dilution from marine, estuarine and riverine outfalls.  Subsequent recommendations have been made regarding the placement of monitoring stations.

Bridport Wharf Seabed Deepening (MAST)

Conducted a detailed environmental risk assessment and devised a dredge management plan (DMP) for the removal of sediment from the seabed around the wharf at Bridport in northern Tasmania.

Effluent outfall investigations (TasWater)

Conducted investigations into effluent outfall and receiving environments across all regions of Tasmania for TasWater. This has involved client liaison, bathymetry, video and still photography, water profiling and quality and reporting. We have also been closely involved in development of these monitoring programs.

Battery Point Proposed Boardwalk (SKM/Hobart City Council)

Conducted a detailed marine ecological values assessment and environmental impact assessment of the proposed coastal boardwalk development at Battery Point, Hobart, Tasmania. This included habitat characterisation, bathymetric mapping, an EPBC assessment, water and sediment quality testing and documentation of relevant impact mitigation strategies.

Abalone Biotoxin Management Plan (TSQAP/SARDI)

Desktop development of an outcome-based biotoxin management plan for the commercial abalone industry in south-east Tasmania. Working in consultation with TSQAP, SARDI, DPIPWE and industry, we utilised existing datasets to clarify the risk of biotoxin accumulation in abalone, its impact on the live export industry, and traceability protocols of live product.

Sediment Monitoring Program (Tassal)

Marine Solutions is in an ongoing engagement with Tassal to conduct sediment collections in and around their salmon aquaculture leases, to determine the impacts of salmon farming on the surrounding environment.

Outfall baseline surveys (Worley Parsons)

Conducted baseline surveys at two outfalls in NSW, and produced bathymetric and habitat maps, along with georectified imagery and video surveys. We also completed mapping and bathymetry for the Point Sampson redevelopment.

Domgas pipeline route (DOF Subsea)

Conducted baseline surveys of the proposed Domgas pipeline route, Barrow Island, paying particular focus to seagrasses, non-coral benthic invertebrates and corals.