Dr Coco Cullen-Knox

Coco is an Environmental Sociologist with over ten years of experience in research, consulting, government, and non-government sectors. She is uniquely skilled and qualified in both the social and environmental sciences. Her proficiency lies in qualitative data collection, analysis, and reporting, environmental and social impact assessments and management plans, stakeholder analysis and engagement, knowledge brokering and extension, and various aspects of natural resource governance.

Coco has worked with a wide range of clients spanning local to global scales and across various topic areas, ranging from the seafood industry, offshore oil and gas, marine protected areas and climate change. Her outputs have been integral in guiding policy development, research direction, and fostering public and stakeholder engagement and consultation. Coco holds a Bachelor in Integrated Resource Management, Honours in Marine Governance, PhD in Environmental Communication, IAP2 Stakeholder Engagement, Certificate in Project Management, Coxswains Grade 2 NC certificate, and Scientific Diver.