Guy Williams

Guy enthusiastically joined the Marine Solutions team in November 2022. Originally from Sydney, he completed a Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering and Graduate Diploma in Object-Oriented Programming (C/C++) while working in the fledgling internet industry. A growing passion for the outdoors (the colder and whiter the better) led Guy to switch gears in 1998 and move to Tasmania to complete Honours in Heard Island glaciology and then a PhD in polar oceanography. After initially working as mixed-layer biological oceanographer, Guy moved to Sapporo, Japan and then Paris, France to focus on his passion for cold, salty bottom water production in Antarctic coastal polynyas. He then returned to Tasmania in 2011 and was an ARC Future Fellow specialising in autonomous underwater vehicles and drones for polar research from 2014-2019. Guy has spent over two years on polar icebreakers across 10 research expeditions to Antarctica and the Arctic. He has a Coxswains (NC1), multi-rotor/fixed wing drone qualifications (<25 kg, BVLOS) and a Cert IV in Training and Assessment specialising in AUV training.