Tyson Jones

Tyson is a marine ecologist who joined Marine Solutions in 2022. Holding an Honours Degree in Marine Science and currently undertaking a PhD specialising in temperate and tropical reef faunal communities at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, Tyson has over 8 years of extensive field experience and species identification skills. Tyson is an unrestricted Coxswain vessel operator and holds an ADAS Part-1 (restricted) Scientific Diver certification. With an excess of 500 logged scientific dives, Tyson has conducted scientific diving expeditions in all waters surrounding Australia accumulating over 500 hours of underwater work. Beyond diving, he also has extensive experience in Baited and Unbaited Remote Underwater Videos (BRUV/RUVS) systems, a myriad of coastal habitat monitoring techniques (Motion activated video, small mammal trapping, fish mapping) and invasive species surveys (electrofishing).