Other Sampling Equipment

Marine Solutions also own and operates a range of sampling equipment typically used in marine environmental assessments.  Examples of our extensive range of scientific/sampling equipment include;

  • A 10m Integrated tube sampler
  • Van Veen Grab sampler
  • Craib core sampler
  • Quad core sampler
  • Niskin grab sampler
  • A plankton net for towed or vertical profiles
  • A consumable store with eskis, polyboxes, soak pads etc.
  • Field eskis and refrigeration
  • Dissection capacity (and a new laboratory; built in 2014)
  • Sample fridges and freezers
  • Preservatives (Lugols solution, formalin, ethanol etc.)

Our team are all experienced and qualified field operators, and have experience in sample handling and preservation, as well as suitable packing techniques for samples. Additionally, we have significant experience with freight companies and likely challenges to transporting samples in a tight timeframe, and we have developed systems which allow rapid transit of samples to other capital cities while maintaining sample integrity.