Research Charters

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Marine Solutions has four vessels to cater for a wide variety of project types and working conditions. All vessels are in commercial survey.

The Abyss is a 14.0 m Cumberland power catamaran capable of undertaking projects throughout Tasmania and interstate. The Abyss is an ideal liveaboard vessel and has capacity for extended field trips with comfortable living quarters for clients and crew. The Abyss is cable of mapping bathymetry and habitats and is suitable as a base for research diving. It has a draft of 0.6 m and has a small tender.

We have a purpose built planing hull 6.0 m aluminium research vessel The Second  Solution, fitted with bathymetric and habitat mapping equipment, and with dive entry and exit fixtures for research divers. In addition, the vessel is fitted with computer logging equipment and towed video with recording capability. Furthermore it has powered lifting davits and sieving attachments for lifting and maneuvering heavy sampling equipment, a tender vessel and two sit-on-top kayaks.

Our outboard powered The Smooth Solution small rigid hull inflatable boat is suitable for near-shore rivers, lakes and sheltered shallow waters.

A recent addition to our fleet is The Environmental Solution. This vessel is a 6.0 m Hobson trihull with twin 90 horsepower engines. It has powered lifting davits and sieving attachments for lifting and manoeuvring heavy sampling equipment, and is capable of accommodating our vessel-mounted ADCP set-up.  It is equipped with sounder and GPS for bathymetric mapping.  With a dive ladder and a very stable work platform, The Environmental Solution is a suitable platform for conducting dive work. It is primarily based in Macquarie Harbour for increased capacity in the west/north west region.