Baseline Surveys and EIAs

Marine Solutions has the in-house expertise to design and implement quality baseline surveys and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) for a wide variety of projects. Our team’s extensive knowledge of marine ecology and coastal engineering enables us to evaluate anthropogenic impacts on the surrounding environment using a variety of techniques, including characterisation of habitat, biological communities and sediments, and quantification of water quality parameters through space and time. We have a thorough understanding of legislative requirements surrounding coastal construction works in Tasmania and further afield. We have conducted baseline surveys and EIAs for marina redevelopments, jetty constructions, effluent outfalls, underwater pipeline constructions and aquaculture leases.

Selected Past Projects:

  • EIA, shipping operations of Stanley port, Stanley (TasPorts)
  • EIA, public boardwalk proposed development, Battery Point, Hobart (SKM/Hobart City Council)
  • EIA, marine effluent outfall, Ulverstone (CEE)
  • Sediment and biological monitoring plan, George Town sewage outfall (GHD/TasWater)
  • EIA, marine effluent outfall, Blackmans Bay (CEE)
  • Baseline survey/ecological assessment, Domgas pipeline route (DOF Subsea)
  • Baseline survey, PNG LNG pipeline route (Marengo Mining/COFFEY)
  • Baseline marine surveys, sewage treatment plant, Medang, PNG (Marengo Mining/COFFEY)
  • Environmental impact assessment of effluent and wastewater disposal, Coffs Harbour, NSW (Coffs Harbour City Council)

Welcome to Marine Solutions

Marine Solutions is a small flexible company offering specifically tailored solutions to complex environmental and social challenges. Marine Solutions offers a broad base of highly skilled contractors to deliver innovative, rigorous and affordable outcomes in each challenge it accepts. We take pride in our ethical approach and commitment to excellence which ensure our clients receive high quality services which are timely and cost effective.

Based in Hobart, Marine Solutions conducts projects throughout southern Australia for a range of client sectors including private enterprise, local and state government, community groups and individuals.

Marine Solutions maintains strong links with research facilities, government agencies and regulatory bodies, thereby maintaining a broad and current knowledge and skill base which is at the forefront of sustainable resource management.