Sediment Sampling

Marine Solutions has conducted numerous projects requiring sediment sampling for a range of parameters. We are familiar with the process and procedures for sampling and assessment of sediments, and the manner for them to be safely sampled and handled as appropriate for the relevant analysis, whether that be contaminant, elutriate, pore-water, TOC, particle size, or other tests as required. We have the capabilities and equipment to collect sediment samples in the manner that best suits the requirements of a given project, be it by quad corer, vibrocorer, grab sampler, hand-collected by divers, or otherwise.

Selected Past Projects:

  • Sediment sampling and characterization of the Granton banks prior to the Tas Irrigation pipeline being laid.
  • Sediment testing, then development and completion of a monitoring plan for the Nyrstar wharf redevelopment, Hobart
  • We have undertaken sediment sampling on specific projects to review and address the issue of marine sediments contaminated by Tri-butyl tin.
  • Geeveston Sewage Treatment Plant Ambient Monitoring Program, Geeveston, Tasmania (TasWater)
  • Ecological assessment of public boardwalk development, Battery Point, Hobart (SKM/Hobart City Council)
  • Ecological assessment of port development, Triabunna, Tasmania (Burbury Consulting/Glamorgan Spring Bay Council)
  • Ecological assessment for marina redevelopment, Bellerive, Tasmania (Clarence City Council)
  • Marine ecological assessment for ‘Basslink’ cable construction (CEE)
  • Marine ecological assessment for bridge redevelopment, Bridgewater Bridge (GHD)
  • Environmental impact assessment of aquaculture facility, Spring Bay, Triabunna, Tasmania (Spring Bay Seafoods)
  • Environmental impact assessments for Macquarie Point sewage outfall and Hobart Rivulet, Derwent River, Hobart (Hobart City Council)
  • Environmental impact assessment of effluent and wastewater disposal, Coffs Harbour, NSW (Coffs Harbour City Council)