I have personally been working with Marine Solutions for the past 5 years, however, Tassal has a much longer history of working with their organization.  Although I have a well-developed, internal environmental team, Marine Solutions are my go to consultants for any specialized or industry marine consulting needs.  Their expertise, professionalism and collaborative approach, matched… read more.

Welcome to Marine Solutions

Marine Solutions is a small flexible company offering specifically tailored solutions to complex environmental and social challenges. Marine Solutions offers a broad base of highly skilled contractors to deliver innovative, rigorous and affordable outcomes in each challenge it accepts. We take pride in our ethical approach and commitment to excellence which ensure our clients receive high quality services which are timely and cost effective.

Based in Hobart, Marine Solutions conducts projects throughout southern Australia for a range of client sectors including private enterprise, local and state government, community groups and individuals.

Marine Solutions maintains strong links with research facilities, government agencies and regulatory bodies, thereby maintaining a broad and current knowledge and skill base which is at the forefront of sustainable resource management.

Services Overview


Our team is experienced in service provision to the aquaculture industry. We excel in aquaculture baseline surveys, zone assessments and impact assessments, as well as providing guidance to industry through regulatory frameworks, approvals processes, and relevant legislation. Commonly utilized techniques to inform aquaculture practices include hydrodynamic modelling, sediments and infauna characterization, depositional modelling and bathymetric… read more.

Baseline Surveys and EIAs

Our team’s extensive knowledge of marine ecology and coastal engineering enables us to evaluate anthropogenic impacts using a variety of techniques for a wide variety of project types.

Ecological Assessments

Standard techniques include infauna grabs, qudrat/belt/transect surveys, towed/diver video, photo quadrats, and diver surveys for mobile invertebrates, fish, algae and sessile invertebrate communities.

Dredge Management and Planning

We are well placed to advise on aspects relating to disposal of the dredge spoil, release of potentially toxic material from sediments, localised erosion of the foreshore resulting from dredging operations, impacts of dredging on benthic flora and fauna and treatment of the land/water interface.

Video and ROV Surveys

We have the equipment, skills and experience to provide high quality clear underwater footage and stills.

GIS and Spatial Modelling

Our experience in spatial modelling includes mix zone, sediment transport, depositional and plume modelling.

Hydrographic Surveys

Our experience in bathymetric surveys, habitat mapping and cartography is extensive.

Water Quality Monitoring

We are experienced in the calibration, field operation, data management and reporting of multi-parameter water quality measurement probes and current profilers.

Sediment Sampling

We are familiar with sediment sampling protocols for the testing of contaminants, elutriates, pore-water, TOC, particle size, or other tests as required.

Research Charters

Marine Solutions can provide a vessel suitable to your project, be it run-about or live-aboard.

Capacity Building and Facilitation

Marine Solutions has developed award-winning school-based programs aimed at increasing young student engagement in the marine sectors.