Joanna Smart

Joanna joined the Marine Solutions team in early 2018. Joanna holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marine and Antarctic Science with first class Honours from the University of Tasmania and a Master’s in Quantitative Biology from the University of Queensland. Joanna has a Coxswain grade 1 (unrestricted) and is an ADAS Part 1 occupational diver and open water scuba instructor with more than 1,000 hours working underwater. Joanna has been working in marine research and consulting for over 8 years and her experience spans across both local and international projects, with experience in Australia, the South Pacific, Europe and North America. Joanna’s experience includes a variety of sectors including aquaculture, temperate and tropical reef ecology, environmental monitoring, and impact assessment. Joanna is involved in projects at Marine Solutions from project development and research through to field work, data collection, analysis, interpretation, and reporting.