Sam Ibbott

Sam has been consulting in marine ecology and environmental assessments since 1996, and has been the director and owner of Marine Solutions since its inception in 2003, to the mid sized organisation it is today. He is an experienced project manager and the principal consultant for Marine Solutions. As an industry focussed consultant, Sam has worked on numerous projects throughout Australia and overseas. He is familiar with a vast array of ambient monitoring methodologies. Working alongside larger organisations and as director of Marine Solutions, Sam has gained significant experience and expertise in coastal assessments, dredging projects, resources industry requirements and infrastructure development. He has specialist expertise in field assessments, especially water quality, sediments, biological and habitat mapping assessments. Through his years of work experience Sam has acquired an expert level of local marine flora and fauna identification.

Sam is adept at bringing people from a range of backgrounds together to form specialised and cohesive teams. His strong track record of managing diverse multidisciplinary projects that achieve their goals on time and within forecast budgets has resulted in numerous successful partnerships and outcomes.