Ecological Assessments

Our project team is experienced in assessing benthic flora and fauna, with the relevant techniques varying to reflect different substrate types. Standard techniques include infauna grabs, quadrat and transect surveys, towed and diver video, photo quadrats, and diver surveys for mobile invertebrates, fish, algae and sessile invertebrate communities. Usually a combination of these and similar techniques are utilised to characterise the marine community and also survey for threatened and protected species. Introduced species and sensitive habitats are also identified through this process. Within our team is specific expert knowledge of macroalgae, reef fish, coral and other benthic invertebrates’ identification.

Marine Solutions has designed and conducted numerous monitoring programs utilising benthic infauna as an indicator of impact. Notably among these was a three year study into impact from the Coffs Harbour deep sea release, and other ongoing studies in southern Tasmania monitoring impact of effluent outfalls. Marine Solutions has also conducted numerous finfish, algae, invertebrate and coral baseline surveys and monitoring in the past.

Selected Past Projects:

  • Ecological assessment of proposed jetty and boat ramp development, Fulham Island, Tasmania (Burbury Consulting)
  • Spotted Handfish population survey, Sandy Bay, Hobart (DSS)
  • Ecological assessment of public boardwalk development, Battery Point, Hobart (SKM/Hobart City Council)
  • Ecological assessment of port development, Triabunna, Tasmania (Burbury Consulting/Glamorgan Spring Bay Council)
  • Effluent outfall investigation, Derwent River, Hobart, Tasmania (TasWater)
  • Baseline survey/ecological assessment of Domgas pipeline route (DOF Subsea)
  • Marine ecological assessment for bridge redevelopment, Bridgewater Bridge (GHD)
  • Environmental impact assessment of effluent and wastewater disposal, Coffs Harbour, NSW (Coffs Harbour City Council)