Dredge Management and Planning

Marine Solutions is experienced in the protocol and legislative requirements of dredging, dredge disposal and reclamation. We are well-placed to advise on the management of dredging operations, including aspects relating to disposal of the dredge spoil, release of potentially toxic material from sediments, localised erosion of the foreshore resulting from dredging operations, impacts of dredging on benthic flora and fauna and treatment of the land/water interface. Our previous experience includes design and implementation of small to medium-scale dredge management plans and dredge environmental risk assessments for both private and government clients.

Selected Past Projects:

  • Environmental risk assessment of proposed dredging, Spring Bay, Tasmania
  • Dredge management sampling regime, Bridport, Tasmania (MAST)
  • Ecological assessment of port development, Triabunna, Tasmania (Burbury Consulting/Glamorgan Spring Bay Council)
  • Dredge Management Plan, private marina, Kettering (Kettering Marine)
  • Development of dredging plan, Georges Bay barway, Pelican Point, Tasmania (GHD)