Sony NEX 5

Photographic and Video Equipment

The project team has extensive experience in underwater videography and interpretation of qualitative results. Underwater video is taken with a state of the art Full HD Sony NEX 5 camera housed in an Aquapazza underwater housing, along with over 1000W underwater video lights resulting in high quality clear footage. Video footage is reviewed by marine scientists who are experienced in determining habitat structure, community type and species composition from video and still photos. Detailed image analysis for community structure can also be conducted if required. In addition we have towed video capability with GPS overlay and speed/direction stamp should this be a more suitable method of collecting imagery. For aerial imagery, we own and operate a Phantom 4 Pro v2 professional drone fitted with a 20 MP camera capable of 4K video recording. Marine Solutions also has access to, and experience operating, a powerful ROV with dual lights, USBL positioning system, grabber arm and dual cameras suitable for working in deeper environments. This system is comfortably housed on our larger research vessel, providing a safe and efficient operational platform. Still photography is taken by a 14MP DSLR in a housing with external lighting, providing high resolution images, even in challenging environmental conditions.

Selected Past Projects:

  • Understanding broad scale impacts of salmonid farming on rocky reef communities (FRDC)
  • EIA, public boardwalk proposed development, Battery Point (SKM/Hobart City Council)
  • Baseline survey/ecological assessment, Domgas pipeline route (DOF Subsea)
  • Baseline survey, PNG LNG pipeline route (Marengo Mining/COFFEY)
  • Baseline marine surveys, sewage treatment plant, Medang, PNG (Marengo Mining/COFFEY)